Not Ketchup

Paleo-friendly sauces for dipping, cooking and grilling


About Not Ketchup

The idea for Not Ketchup came to food blogger Erika Kerekes in a dream. Seriously.
Slather any flavor of Not Ketchup on your favorite burger

Not Ketchup Recipes

Easy, delicious gourmet recipes using Not Ketchup, from juicy burgers to rockin' fries to glam cocktails
Not Ketchup gourmet dipping sauce sampler 3-pack

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Foodies are saying…


“Best summer American cheeseburger ever – topped with Not Ketchup!”

Hallie W

“We baked Mahi Mahi with the Blueberry White Pepper – it was incredible!”


“[Not Ketchup] is definitely different, in a great way!”

Karen K

“I can’t imagine another burger without Not Ketchup – in love in New Hampshire!”

Julie S

“Not Ketchup is amazing with ribs, steak, burgers, turkey, fish, chicken and everything in between!”

Iain Lampert

“Not Ketchup is DELICIOUS.  It’s sweet enough to make me happy, but not SO sweet that I feel guilty.”

Rachael Narins

“A truly inspired twist on ketchup. I love that it’s made with real fruit and no corn syrup!”

Dorothy Reinhold

“Not Ketchup has the perfect balance of sweet, savory, spicy, and tangy. My family absolutely loves it.”

Patti Londre

“Not Ketchup is one of the most delicious sauces I’ve ever tasted. It’s going to transform the ketchup category.”