Hi, I'm Erika, and I love fruit.

In 2013, I took my kids cherry picking, turned some of those cherries into "fruit ketchup," and made the best burgers my family and friends had ever tasted.

Ketchup without tomatoes? Everyone loved it. After months perfecting my recipes, I launched Not Ketchup in January 2014.

I've put my tangy, sweet-savory Not Ketchup sauces on everything from burgers and fries to chicken, steak, pork chops, lamb, seafood, roasted vegetables and cheese. Don't get me wrong — I like tomato ketchup just fine. But Not Ketchup takes the concept of "ketchup" to another level entirely.


So long, sugar.

Then, in 2015, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

First, I cried.

And then I wiped my tears and decided to do something about it.

My first goal was reducing the amount of added sugar in my diet — and that included condiments. But all the ketchups and barbecue sauces I found on store shelves either were made with sugar (just like my original Not Ketchup sauces), or they were loaded with artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Neither option worked for me.

So I went back into the kitchen and came up with Tangerine Hatch Chile Not Ketchup, my first sauce sweetened only with fruit. With no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no non-nutritive sweeteners, Tangerine Hatch Chile Not Ketchup instantly became my best-seller and changed the direction of my business.

I'm thrilled to introduce my full line of *No Added Sugar* Not Ketchup sauces, sweetened only with real fruit. They're gluten free, vegan, low sugar, low carb, Paleo-friendly, Whole30-friendly, diabetic-friendly, and contain absolutely no added sugar. (See the nutrition facts.)

Most of us eat way too much added sugar, and it's making us sick: Sugar has been shown to increase not only diabetes but also heart disease. That's why I'm now making Not Ketchup without any added sugar. I want my business to be part of the solution!

By the way, I've got my diabetes completely under control now.  Click here to read more about how I kicked diabetes to the curb with diet and regular exercise in DR. OZ: THE GOOD LIFE magazine.


Tangerine Hatch Chile Not Ketchup blends sweet-tart California tangerines with a touch of heat from authentic Hatch chiles from New Mexico. Favorite pairings: fish, chicken, turkey

Cherry Chipotle Not Ketchup combines ripe cherries with the subtle, smoky heat of chipotle pepper. Favorite pairings: burgers, steak, salmon, ribs, meatballs

Blueberry White Pepper Not Ketchup takes blueberries to the savory side with a touch of mustard and a little kick of white pepper. Favorite pairings: lamb chops, shrimp, scallops, pork tenderloin, goat cheese

Smoky Date Not Ketchup mixes the natural sweetness of sun-ripened California dates with aromatic smoked paprika. Favorite pairings: pork chops, roast turkey, rotisserie chicken, ham, sausages

Spiced Fig Not Ketchup blends rich California Mission figs with warm spices like cinnamon, anise and black pepper. Favorite pairings: Leg of lamb, steak, roast chicken, cheddar cheese

Fruitchup is a bold, flavorful tomato ketchup sweetened with California-grown raisins and dates. Favorite pairings: Burgers, fries, steak, eggs

The history of ketchup

When we think of ketchup, we think tomatoes. But it hasn’t always been that way. The first ketchups were actually made several centuries ago from pickled, fermented fish in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

British explorers brought ketchup to Europe and then to the New World, where ketchup evolved into a tangy condiment made from fruit, vinegar, and spices. Vintage American cookbooks contain recipes for fruit ketchups made from tomatoes, but also from berries, grapes, apples, and even bananas.

Not Ketchup got its name because the U.S. has weird regulations about what can be labeled “ketchup.” Not Ketchup doesn’t contain any tomatoes, so according to the powers that be, it’s Not Ketchup. Get it?

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